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Make the most of Brussels nightlife!

Join us on Friday & Saturday night, from 7:45PM till 9:15PM for Beer Tasting then from 9:30PM on for the one and only Brussels Pub Crawl.

Party with us 2x / week >>>> Fri & Sat! (Winter Schedule)

Pub Crawl & Beer Tasting last minute info on Facebook

Beer Experience 16€

19:45 21:15

5 FREE Belgian beer tastings
Learn the secrets of Belgian beers
Introductory brewing course
What makes different beer styles
Learn the proper way to taste a beer
Everything you always wanted to know & more
Start the night in style & make new friends

16€ online


booking compulsory

From 19:45 till 21:15. Every Fri & Sat night. Booking is compulsory, limited availability, more info here

Pub crawl 8€

21:30 01:00

FREE welcome beer
4 bars & club in 3h
Party guide included
Fun international party
Last venue closes at 6AM!
Make the most of Brussels Nightlife
Exclusive discounts on beers & cocktails

8€ online


10€ on the spot

From 9:30PM till 1AM. Every Fri & Sat night. Book online for 8€ or just show up for 10€ - Last venue closes at 6AM.

Beer Tasting + Pub crawl=22€

19:45 01:00

We kick-off the night talking & drinking beers (IPA, trapists, gueuze, kriek cherry beer,...) then, after boosting your beer knowledge, we hit the bars of Brussels! This combo is the best value you can get to make the most of Brussels nightlife. Belgian beers, cheap cocktails, DJ every night and much more!
This is the best way to experience Brussels at night at the cheapest price! 22€ per person.
As we have limited availability >> online booking is compulsory.



Beer Tasting + Pub crawl

Don't just join the tour, be part of the crew! We have 100 copies of this shirt that suits both men and women and is available in 3 European sizes (S,M,L). Because we are not a clothing store, we are selling them at the cost, so for just 7€, you go home with your Brussels Pub Crawl souvenir t-shirt.

  How can I order the t-shirt? When you book the combo Beer Tasting + Pub Crawl, you will be able to select the shirt and the size at the check-out, directly in our booking system. You will receive you t-shirt at the start of the tour.

  Do you ship them? No, we don't. The only way to get the t-shirt is to take part in our Pub Crawl in Brussels.

  Can I just buy the t-shirt and the pub crawl but not the beer tasting? No, at the moment we only give them to people that join us the whole night from 7:45PM for the beer tasting until....

  If you have any other question, drop us a line:


Pub Crawl

Meeting point

Brussels Beer Experience & our Pub Crawl run 4 times a week during the summer time but only on Friday & Saturday nights during the winter season. The meeting point for the Pub Crawl is located on Brussels Grand Place (see below) in front of the tallest white tower with 2 flags, by the big wooden door at 9:30PM (21:30). If you cannot find the group or have a last minute question, we have a hotline: +32 2 881 0178 and a WhatsApp group.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the BEER TASTING EXPERIENCE meeting point is NOT the same as the Pub Crawl. The Beer Experience takes place inside an old bar in Brussels, located on Voldersstraat 30, B-1000 Brussels (map)
After the Beer tasting, we all go together to the Pub Crawl meeting point (Grand Place) to catch up with the rest of the group that booked only the Pub Crawl.

google map link

GPS coordinates are: 50.846702, 4.352101 (copy/paste in Google Maps)

pub crawl map google link

Pub Crawl meeting point at 9:30PM, look for guides wearing orange hoodies

The Pub Crawl concept

WHAT: Pub crawl (visit) 4 bars/clubs in 3 hours, you will get a free welcome beer, a wristband, a guide, new friends, drinks discounts, happy hour (= buy one get one free) on shots, cocktails & mixed drinks...YOLO!!!

WHEN: every Friday & Saturday night, Pub Crawl meets at 9:30PM on Brussels Grand Place, by the tallest white tower.

PRICE: 8€ / person if you book ahead online or 10€ in cash if you just show up at the meeting point at 9:30PM.

JOIN: by booking here (8€) or just show up at the meeting point (10€) at 9:30PM.

GROUPS: if you come with many people, you can choose to join the crowd of the regular crawl or book your own private event.

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